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My ‘go to’ makeup for work/everyday makeup

So i work on board the trains and have always taken pride in my appearance for work as your normally one of the first that customers see. I do this without fail 4 am start and all! step one... No... Continue Reading →

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My latest beauty buys-Gerard Cosmetics, Koko couture and LA Girl

So as promised here are my latest beauty buys... ah so exciting!  #1 LA GIRL pro conceal in the shade porcelain    I've heard some great reviews about this stuff and I can honestly say i love it. I love... Continue Reading →

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Review: My honest opinion on beauty bay

So I ordered from beauty bay the other day and when I didn't receive a confirmation suddenly alarm bells were ringing in my head that it was a scam. I researched them on the internet afterwards (stupidly) and I saw... Continue Reading →

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Review-Princess hair with Koko couture hair extensions👸🏼

I've always been a lover of hair extensions and have tried many brands until I came across Koko couture. I've tried foxy locks, Sally's, dirty looks, the shops you get in town need I go on. I always felt like... Continue Reading →

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How to-Defined brows

Hello lovelies and welcome to my first ever blog post! I thought what better way to kick start my blog than talk about brows! Brows have been a craze for a while now and getting the perfect brow to suit... Continue Reading →

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updated brow routine-nyx

Hey guys and welcome back! 🤗 I'm so sorry I haven't posted in soooooo long I've been mega busy but finally have a chance to do my fave thing... BLOG. I had to pop to boots for a few things... Continue Reading →

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