Hello lovelies and welcome to my first ever blog post! I thought what better way to kick start my blog than talk about brows! Brows have been a craze for a while now and getting the perfect brow to suit you can seem hard. For me the perfect brow is thick, full and really defined. I love dramatic brows the bigger the better. This isn’t a look for everybody and I’m not saying this is what you should go (it’s not everyone’s cup of tea) for but for me this is perfect. This will work for just about anybody and is easy to do after you’ve had a few go’s… so don’t give up just yet! 

Before applying any product to the brow…

As you can tell I seriously over plucked my eyebrows as a teenager and now have to live with the consequences of having strange shaped eyebrows! So my first step would be to comb through your brows with a brow comb which you can pick up at any local beauty shop boots, Superdrug etc or a lot of the time they come attached to your eyeliner pencil. After combing through my brows to make sure all stray hairs are flattened, I now would pluck any hairs that are underneath or not in the shape I want them to be in. Now to start of I use an angeled brow brush, which again you can pick up from anywhere and they are really inexpensive. Mine is just one from Superdrug (see above). 

I use this brush to outline my eyebrows. The first few cm of my brow I line with a lighter eyebrow shadow and the rest I use a dark brown to match my brow, simply because I like to have a subtle ombré effect. I then use a really light hand to extend my brow at the end where I have none and fill the rest in. Don’t worry if you make a mistake as we correct this next…

Now I grab my concealer. I use the natural collection concealer in the lightest shade which is about £2 from boots. I love this as it’s light on your skin and really doesn’t bring out any redness as I have sensitive skin. I use a lighter concealer than my skin to highlight this area also. So what you want to do is apply this with a small flat brush one stroke in between the brows then outline your drawn on brow with it and blend it in using the brush or a beauty blender. I then pop a bit of the natural collection highlighter in rose glow on and it gives a lovely glow. Here is a swatch of the highlighter Aswell as a finished picture so hopefully you have something similar!

Thankyou so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions please feel free to leave below,

Amy xox 🦄