I’ve always been a lover of hair extensions and have tried many brands until I came across Koko couture. I’ve tried foxy locks, Sally’s, dirty looks, the shops you get in town need I go on. I always felt like I went through human hair so fast, after a month they’d feel notty and not soft anymore and they never seemed thick enough! 


My hair is just below my shoulders with layers that are about ear length so I always struggle to find things that really blend. That’s when I found Koko couture.


Koko couture are based in Manchester and are stocked at a few beauty shops I believe lullabellz is one of them if I’m correct. So I ordered the 3 weft hair extensions in auborn mix straight and also I ordered the one weft in auborn mix just because I have always worn two sets of extensions. If you like your hair fuller this is the way to go! 


I ordered them at 3pm Friday and they came Saturday at 9am! How amazing that and I really got kept up to date with how it was processing. I’ve already had these extensions before so I knew I’d fall in love. I ordered the straight 3 clip weft and also the one clip weft to go with it. I would say these are in more of a bouncy blow dry style rather than straight though, but this is much more realistic than poker straight hair extensions! So below is what you get. These are two packs of extensions so bare in mind if you only order one it’s not going to be just as thick. 



So I apply these together and this it the thickness it looks like😍


So these are synthetic hair and retail between £10-£20 per pack depending on weight etc. I always aim to have about 260g of hair which is really thick but not to heavy and if I can’t find that I’ll get two packs. You may be a bit dubious, I was at first buying synthetic but I’ve found it lasts much longer takes me two minutes to clip in and overall is just so much easier! You don’t need to style these you just clip them in. They recommend you don’t use heat on these ones and I wouldn’t just for the fact they aren’t human hair and I don’t want to ruin them. I also don’t wash mine as I find if you wash them they can tangle easier.


If if they are too shiny for you which I rarely find with these you have two options. You can either apply serum to your own hair to make your hair as shiny or what I like to do is apply some talc to the hair and brush it through (don’t apply a huge amount) and this takes the shine away.


These are the best extensions I’ve ever had especially for short hair and I’d recommend them to anyone that asked and your bound to get compliments they are just flawless! I find they last a good couple of months depending on care and if you don’t rag them out after a night out 🙈😜


below are are a few pictures of the finished result on me I’ve had two sets the blonde and the auborn and they are just to die for.


hope you enjoyed reading and it you have any comments leave below!


amy xox 🦄