So I ordered from beauty bay the other day and when I didn’t receive a confirmation suddenly alarm bells were ringing in my head that it was a scam. I researched them on the internet afterwards (stupidly) and I saw loads of negative reviews.


I tweeted and also facebooked them to see if they’d got my order and reassured me they had and it would be with me the next day as I’d paid. Panic over.


Or atleast I thought… Saturday arrived but my parcel did not. I was so annoyed they lied and messaged them again. This time it took days for a reply and the reply I got was along the lines of we will look into this for you. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday still no parcel and I’d ordered next day delivery a week ago now! Thursday it eventually came but I wasn’t happy. So I messaged them again requesting a refund, again delayed response but when they did reply they said that they’d give me one but would take 5 days so probably a month going of what they say. They also offered me a discount code for next time I purchase 😂


Well it’s safe to say I probably won’t ever purchase again.


If your considering ordering I wouldn’t I’d order from somewhere else. Look fantastic have great reviews and do the same sort of products. I’d highly recommend reading all the negative reviews as they seem in most cases true!!! I wouldn’t order again but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t (providing you can wait for the item).


If you’ve also ordered from here please let me know how you got on. 

I’ll also be doing a post about the goodies I ordered including Gerard cosmetics and LA Girl.


Amy xox 🦄