So i work on board the trains and have always taken pride in my appearance for work as your normally one of the first that customers see. I do this without fail 4 am start and all!

step one…

No matter what makeup look I’m going for I always draw my brows on first see other post for how I do this.

step two…

I apply my primer which is the MUA one from Superdrug all over and then apply my FIT foundation in 220 which is the most perfect fake tan match. I apply this with a fluffy foundation brush.

step three…

i use a small flat brush with my light Anastasia contour kit the lightest shade mixed with the second lightest and put it under my eyes down my nose and under my cheeks and apply the darkest on my cheek bones. Here is what it looks like, a little scary?


Step four…

I now blend out everything with my beauty blender and apply baby powder (yes baby powder) to the light parts. This is such an amazing hack you have to try it! It’s completely transforms your contour 😍

Now if I’m going out I would apply this a lot thicker on the skin and let it sit before I sweep off. YouTube has tons of amazing videos on how to ‘bake your face’.


Step five (finally)…

so you made it! I now apply some mascara a bit of powder bronzer across my forehead and cheek bones and then apply some lipstick my all time fave for work is ruby woo the brightest matte red you will find from mac its incredibly pigmented and stays all day! Then I use the makeup revolutions contour palette highlighting shimmer shade to get the dewy glow and this is the finished look.



i really hope you enjoyed this and if you have any hints, tips or hacks I’d love to hear so comment below! If you would like anything going more in depth again please comment below.


amy xox 🦄