Hey guys and welcome back! πŸ€—

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in soooooo long I’ve been mega busy but finally have a chance to do my fave thing… BLOG.

I had to pop to boots for a few things and walked out spending way more than I should have (we’ve all been there).

I saw the NYX counter and I’ve wanted to try there brow pomade for so long but at my local boots it’s normally sold out. I managed to get my hands on the ‘brunette’ version so thought I’d give it a try as it’s meant to be a good drug store dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have never been disappointed with NYX so for Β£5.50 it’s so worth trying.

The initial packaging is very similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills it comes in a cute little pot.

The pomade is of creamy texture and I’ve noticed it’s quite ashy in colour but I don’t think this will be a problem. 

The swatch above is the colour in natural lighting. What I have noticed is that this is very thick and claims to be smudge proof. I swatched my hand went in the bath and could not get it off so I’d say that it defonatley is smudge proof and waterproof. I know some people say it’s not thick in comparison to ABH but I’ve got to be honest I’ve never tried ABH but this product is thicker than any I’ve tried! PRO.

Start of with a fresh base… ⚠️ (MY EYEBROWS ARE HURRENDOUS UNDERNEATH)

Comb the brow with a brow comb so you get no stray hairs which creates a more flawless result. 

Outline your brow with the pomade using one of the angled brow brushes and fill in any gaps. Start a few cm away from the start of the brow. You can also extend the brow if it doesn’t go as far across as you’d like. 

Underline the start of your brow and then use the remaining product on your brush to fill in the top so it’s not as harsh.

Use a light concealer to carefully draw round the brow correcting any mistakes made… apply your foundation and BLEND! Apply a subtle highlight under your brow bone and voila! 

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It’s so flawless! 


Easy to use

Thick consistency 

Budget price 

Nice colour 


If your a beginner you may need some practice 

Could do with a better range of colours 

Overall I love this product and I would recommend to anyone. I’ve hardly used any so I think it would last so long! It also makes your brows look natural rather than harsh as I’ve found with other products. 

Let me know some products to try and what you’d like me to write about. I’d love to try more new things! 

Loads of love,

Amy xxx

Hair extensions- Foxylocks 280grams mocha toffee ombrΓ©

Eyelashes- Foxylocks

NYX brow pomade